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Elizabeth Arden Smooth Line Lip Pencil

$20.40 - $22.35


  • Precision liner for perfectly defined lips.
  • Sharpens to a fine point.
  • Brush tip blends and fills easily.
  • Complements Color Intrigue Lipstick colors.
  • To apply lip liner to the top lip, begin by tracing the V at the center curve of the mouth.
  • Then, starting at the outer corners, draw feathery strokes to meet the center.
  • For the lower lip, begin again by tracing the curve at the center of the lip followed by small, feather -light strokes from the outter corners in.
  • Use the brush tip to smudge lip line creating a more natural look.
  • Follow liner with an even application of lipstick.
  • .03 oz

The Elizabeth Arden Smooth Line Lip Pencil is a two-in-one lip liner with a precision liner on one end and a lip brush on the other - perfect for your collection! Line, fill, and blend to your heart's content with this classic pencil from Elizabeth Arden.

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