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Revlon Men's Series Safety Tip Scissors 03041



Revlon Men's Series Safety Tip Scissors 03041 is designed with durable stainless steel and hand finished for sharpness and precision. Specifically designed for men, the  wide, rounded tip wont poke or prick skin in delicate spots, while blades ensure a clean, easy cut. Perfect for hard to reach areas like inside the nose, ears and lips. 

How to use: 

Before each use, wipe down the tip and blades of our facial hair scissors with rubbing alcohol to clean them.

To use as a nose-hair trimmer, stand in front of a mirror in good lighting, then pull up your nose tip with your finger and smile, which lets you see inside your nostrils better. Next, slowly and carefully trim any extra-long hairs, inserting the scissors only slightly inside your nostrils.

For ear hair removal, snip only the overgrown hairs you can see while looking in the mirror; never stick the blades inside your ears. Don't remove all your nose and ear hairs, which help protect against dust and allergens ,just trim any obvious, long hairs sticking out.