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Revlon Extra Curl Eyelash Curler

Revlon Extra Curl Eyelash Curler


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Attain the ideal lash curl effortlessly with the Revlon Extra Curl Eyelash Curler, meticulously crafted to evenly curl each lash without causing crimping, pinching, or sticking. Its small size and shape ensure that every lash receives the perfect curl, whether bare or coated with mascara, without any tugging or pulling.

  • Effortlessly creates the ultimate curl for your lashes
  • Small and precisely shaped to curl each lash evenly
  • Gentle design prevents crimping, pinching, tugging, or pulling on lashes

How to use:

  • Position contoured pad near base of upper lashes, avoiding eyelid
  • Gently, but firmly, squeeze handles together
  • Hold for 5 seconds, then release