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Revlon Triple-Stepped Lash Curler 07552

Revlon Triple-Stepped Lash Curler 07552


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Elevate your lash game with the Revlon Triple-Stepped Lash Curler 07552, designed to give your lashes a dramatic curl in just one effortless step. Featuring an innovative three-tiered design, this lash curler utilizes silicone lash pads to curl your lashes in three different places simultaneously, mimicking multiple crimps in one curl for maximum impact. Gentle on lashes, the curler effectively and gently curls from the lash line outwards, ensuring a perfect dynamic curl with every use.

  • Innovative 3-tiered design with upper and lower silicone lash pads
  • Simultaneously interlocks in three places for efficient curling
  • Mimics multiple crimps in one curl, delivering a dramatic lash lift
  • Gentle on lashes, ensuring a perfect dynamic curl without any damage